Friday, September 16, 2011

Selena Gomez Loves Justin Bieber So Why Not Make It Forever?

Selena Gomez recently sported a (fake) Justin Bieber tattoo, showing that's she really smitten with her main man. But, if she really loves him that much why not get a real tattoo to show it?

At her recent Las Vegas gig, Selena showed off the "Justin" tattoo on her wrist. The web was buzzing as to whether or not she really went and got Justin's name inked on her forever, but her reps cleared things up by saying that the tattoo is only fake.

However, given the couples onslaught of PDA in the recent months and their inability to be apart, maybe Selena Gomez should get a real Justin Bieber tattoo and cement their relationship once and for all? Surely, JB would reciprocate since he already has multiple tattoos. A little heart with the word "Selena" would be kind of cute on the teen pop star, don't you think?

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