Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Felipe Camiroaga

Felipe Camiroa2ga Amanda Saviñón Felipe Camiroaga: It’s more than television, it’s a way of life

According to his fans, Felipe Camiroaga is one of the most illustrious hosts in Chile. This self- declared nature-lover has been entertaining the Chilean public for more than 20 years.
Currently Felipe has been involved in a plane crash off the coast of Chile’s Juan Fernández Island
Felipe started his career as a quiet cameraman’s assistant at a TV sta- tion, but he had his sights set higher.
He was looking for an opportunity when suddenly, completely out of the blue, he got his lucky break: the producers of a famous TV show for young people believed Camiroaga the perfect entertainer to host the show.
The talent of Camiroaga to communicate and en- tertain the audience was recognized by others in Chile. Not long after, the offer of his life was made.
Executives from the most popular morning show in Chile considered Camiroaga the only one capable of commanding a ship that was about to weigh anchor: the morning show, “Buenos Dias a Todos” (good morning everybody).
Felipe Camiroaga made his first humble steps to launch his career as co-host of the popular, “Buenos Días a Todos.” “This hasn’t been easy, that’s for sure.” Commented Camiroaga.

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