Sunday, September 4, 2011

Celebs honour Queen singer

freddie mercuryThe late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury has been riding high on the Twitter charts today … but why?
Kajstring24 speculates, “Freddie Mercury is trending, so one of 2 things could have happened. 1: he’s died. 2: he’s signed for Portsmouth.”
Well, it’s neither of those … I’ll let trudiescojesus explain, “Adam Lambert Praises Freddie Mercury, Says Music Today Lacks Flamboyant Male”
Ah, I see, so an American Idol contestant looks up to a real rockstar … hold the front page!  I thought silly season was meant to be over?
Nevertheless, the trend has attracted many a witticism, including stenotype’s classic, “The late Freddie Mercury trending on Twitter. A Kind of Magic, eh?”  Very good, well done.
And Paulsamityville sums it up for me, by stating, “Freddie Mercury is trending good finally someone who was immensely talented is getting talked about.”
Elsewhere, Priority Inbox is trending hard after Googleshow off their new email system … and by the sounds of things, it’s rather good.
Mashable say, “Gmail Priority Inbox Launches: Your E-mail Will Never Be the Same” and a similar sentiment from TechCrunch who tweet, “Gmail Priority Inbox Sorts Your Email For You. And It’s Fantastic.”
Scottschulthess pitches in with an excitable, “priority inbox is the new hotness” and tbrown sums things up by stating, “Gmail’s new Priority Inbox is awesome”
Great, well I’m glad that’s all sorted out.
Finally, a bit of sport for you as Carlton Cole hits the micro-blogging headlines with the news that “West Ham are considering an offer from Liverpool for Carlton Cole” … thanks to SkySportsLive for that.
Kingkenny_7 muses, “Having Carlton Cole as back up for Fernando Torres is like Brad Pitt having Anne Robinson as back up for Angelina Jolie.” And Liverpool_FC say, “Whoa there.. Ryan Babel + money for Carlton Cole?! Has Roy built up some big gangster debts in London he’s paying off?”
However, Rajkaria is sceptical about the whole business, tweeting, “Carlton Cole to Liverpool unlikely. Approach dismissed by West Ham United.

 freddie mercury

freddie mercuryfreddie mercury

freddie mercury
freddie mercury
freddie mercury
freddie mercury

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