Monday, July 18, 2011

Miranda Kerr 'I was reluctant to date Orlando Bloom'

Give me the drugs! The supermodel reveals that husband Orlando joked that he should be allowed to have the epidural as it pained him to see Miranda in turmoil
Miranda Kerr has revealed that she was reluctant to date Orlando Bloom. 
The Australian model confessed that she rejected the Lord of the Rings star when he first asked her out, before ultimately giving in to his persistence. 
"I was reluctant - not about him, but the idea of [him being a movie star]," Kerr told the Australian TV programme Sunday Night. "I think it was his persistence [that won me over]. Maybe he wanted me because he thought he couldn't have me."
In the same interview, Kerr revealed that she regrets not having an epidural during the birth of her son Flynn, describing herself as "crazy" for failing to accept the painkiller. 
Bloom and Kerr wed in July of last year in a secret ceremony. Their son was born approximately six months later. 
Last week, the Victoria's Secret model admitted that she thought she was going to die during childbirth, claiming that the pain was so "intense" during her 27-hour labour that it felt like an out-of-body experience.

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