Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama Officially Announces: the leader of al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden Dead

Obama Officially Announces: Osama Bin Laden Dead - Obama, the President of United States stressed that the Americans "did not choose this battle" against al-Qaeda, but "came to our shores." He praised the U.S. military and intelligence professionals work tirelessly to achieve this result. "The families of victims of 9 / 11, said that the U.S. has "never forget the loss."

"Tonight, we think the sense of unity that prevailed on 9 / 11," said Obama. "I know sometimes worn. However, its success today is a testament to the greatness of our country and the determination of the American people."

Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had run bin Laden during his presidency, and both had failed to capture or kill him or her. The failure to capture Laden weighs more heavily, perhaps the Bush administration, which has occupied the White House during the 9 / 11 attacks, and kill the leader of al-Qaeda exactly eight years the day when Bush famously declared " Mission Accomplished "in Iraq.

Bush said in a statement that Mr. Obama called Sunday night to inform him of "success capital" of the death of Bin Laden.

"I congratulated him and the men and women of our military and intelligence services who have dedicated their lives to this mission, they all have our undying gratitude." Bush said: "The fight against terrorism continues, but tonight the United States sent a clear message. No matter how long time it takes for justice. "

Clinton, who was president when the first attack on the World Trade Center occurred in 1993, issued a statement in which bin Laden death "a very important moment not only for families of those killed on 9 / 11 and other al-Qaeda attacks, but for people around the world who want to build a common future of peace, freedom, and cooperation for our children. "

In a conference call with reporters shortly after Obama spoke, government officials provided a detailed sketch of how information about the location of Bin Laden were collected.

The secret services had a long intelligence work before receiving a key tip in August. According to senior officials of terrorist suspects imprisoned since 9 / 11 - the soul of the attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed - to identify the carrier, who had a close relationship with bin Laden.

"This man was one of the few carriers are based on al-Qaeda," a senior administration official said. "They expressed that he is alive and to protect bin Laden. But the years we have been able to identify his real name or where he was. Four years ago, he revealed his identity ... About two years ago, after months continuous work, our key areas in Pakistan courier and his brother worked. Still, we were unable to pinpoint exactly where they lived, because of extensive operational certainty on their part. The fact that they were so keen to strengthen our conviction that we are on the right track. "

When the intelligence community has finally revealed the location of the mail, they were "shocked by what they saw," said the official.

Abbottabad district was "relatively rich with many retired military," the official continued, and was isolated in urban areas or places prone to natural disasters and terrorist attacks. The house was "about eight times larger than other houses in the region," and he was surrounded by 12 to 18 meters high walls topped with barbed wire. There were two security doors and a value of approximately $ 1,000,000, although it lacked telephone and Internet connections.

Yet, to tell suggestion Intelligence: the occupants of their house burned to the trash instead of putting out the collection.

A senior administration suggested bin Laden had lived in the enclosure for at least six months without moving. Bin Laden is known to have regularly changed place to escape capture, he seldom chose to remain in place for a long period.

Recently, the Obama administration had reduced the drone strikes in the area - when the ramp-up control - that is to give al-Qaeda leader added sense of security at home.

Before the operation, Obama met nine meetings with his team of national security intelligence. According to aid the White House, met formally five times the directors themselves and their deputies met seven times. "

The President took the decision to perform the operation at 08:20 on April 29 at the Diplomatic Room of the White House before leaving to study tornado damage in Alabama. Tom Donilon, his national security adviser has developed formal orders and managers convened at 03:00 on the same day at the end of planning.

The next day, without producing a hint of the operation of weight in the planning stage, Obama has prepared and delivered his speech at the annual dinner of the Association of White House Correspondents. The next morning, he played nine holes of golf.

The final preparations were made on Sunday. At 14 hours, the president met with senior advisers for an hour and a half, when he returned to the room of an additional meeting. Twenty minutes later, he learned that bin Laden had been "tentatively identified." In 19 hours they said it was very likely that bin Laden was in the camera. As of 20:30, was a session information. The attack was signed thereafter.

None of the intelligence experts from other countries have been told that the attack before it happened - as co-operatives in Pakistan - according to administration officials. Vice-Chairman Joseph Biden announced that an attack on the leadership of Congress, just before it took place, aides on the hill called the Huffington Post.

About the fight was still difficult to obtain. Local sources said the helicopter involved in Pakistan attack was a mechanical problem and crashed.

U.S. forces deliberately destroyed the rest of the wreckage to reduce the signs of their presence in the region, according to NBC and other media. Two helicopters remain to provide cover for the Special Forces Command, Joint Operations, there was also a Predator drone.

The fight lasted only 40 minutes and was described by an administration official as a "surgical strike" carried out by a unit of Navy SEALs. Bin Laden's son was killed by adults, and two of his letters and a woman is used as human shields. Bin Laden "does not withstand the assault force," said a senior government official. Reports on Sunday said the terror leader was finally killed in the head.

Authorities warned that following the attack, Americans should be alert to retaliation from Al Qaeda. However, an official said there was "no specific threat" on Sunday night. ABC News reported that authorities plan to bury the body in the sea bin Laden not to leave the final location of his final resting place. This is done, an official said, "according to Islamic practice and tradition." A few hours later, CNN reported that the funeral had taken place.

"Americans understand the costs of war," Obama said toward the end of his speech. "But as a country will never accept the threat to our security, rather than stand idly by when our people were killed. We are relentless in the defense of citizens and friends and allies."

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