Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kareena hates Ash because she is a Bachchan bahu

Kareena Kapoor has made no bones about not liking Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.This dislike must have a lot to do with the Karisma- Abhishek breakup and Ash being such a fine replacement of her elder sister Karisma as the Bachchan bahu.The Bachchans have talked about how Ash is the perfect daughter in-law and Karisma really wasn't homely enough for them!

Or it might have something to do with Ash still being considered ethereally beautiful and very much in competition despite being older and not having too many big hits!The latest is that Kareena Kapoor hadn't really turned down a role opposite Hollywood actor Johnny Depp because of date problems. It had a lot to with Ash.According to a source, "Three years ago, Gurinder Chadda who offered her this role, wanted Kareena for Bride & Prejudice.

Kareena naturally presumed it was the lead. She was shocked to know the director actually wanted her to play Aishwarya's youngest sister's part for which the lesser know Piya Rai Choudhary was signed later. Bebo was irked at being offered the fourth lead and vowed never to work with her again.

Now when a new Gurinder Chadha film was offered to Kareena she quickly said no without hesitation."Kareena on her part has been a little diplomatic this time around. She says that she'll only take up something that's substantial. She won't go international unless it's something really big and isn't sure whether Gurinder's offer was with Johnny Depp or not as the role didn't interest her at all.

All we can say is that Kareena is rocking in B-Town her own way. It's high time she only does her thing and stops thinking so much about the tremendous beauty and international appeal of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. After all, Ash hasn't really cared to react to her cribbing!

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