Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As I write in the newspapers and television and radio, I can meet a variety of celebrities. I have the chance to meet some that are on the road, and I can meet some that are on the way down. As some who take it seriously and others who do not seem to have no idea that they are stars. It varies from person to person. Celebrity.

What really makes a celebrity a celebrity? Is it press coverage of them? Pursuit of tabloids? Perhaps it is this popularity that drives us to call movie stars, musicians and political celebrities. If yes, are they  non-traditional stars and celebrities?

Several years ago, Britney Spears made her first film, a film called "Crossroads." I flew to New Orleans to interview him. When we met she was sweet as it could be a bit 'timid, but totally professional. I was about ten minutes with him and this time he would never betray guard. It was Britney, and he performs as he played her role. I wonder if ever just herself and somehow I doubt it was.

At the other extreme is Julia Roberts. I interviewed Julia three or four times and each time I interviewed him, amused. She was herself, and let the chips fall where they may. I've never had a feeling his answers have been tried or otherwise spontaneously. In addition, it has always left free, with that rich, throaty laugh at her.

Julia Roberts is probably the most famous actresses in the world today, but around you'll never know. She does not act as if she thinks she is something special. She is herself, and believe me it's enough.

Mel Gibson has impressed me as someone who does not enjoy the game of celebrity fame. When I interviewed seemed ready for more. I do not think he had a personal animosity toward me, just do not like the process of the celebrity.

The same was the case with Hugh Grant. I interviewed him several times and each time I talk with him, he says how he does not act as a very serious matter for a man. He always says he thinks about quitting and starting a career as a writer or something more terrifying. Or it will not turn out as her career continues to skate with.

One of the most earth I've found is the Ice Cube. He treats his career as a business and is intelligent in what it takes to do so. He knows that the entertainment, business and PR side. Of all the celebrities I met, which is what seems the best idea of ​​what it takes to succeed.

Then there's John Travolta. John is the friendliest celebrity I've ever met. He always seems happy to see you, and always calls them by name. John is not your boy next door. He is John Travolta. John is aware of his celebrity, but he enjoys. This is the impression I get from him. He has John Travolta, and he wants you to enjoy.

Celebrity is a funny thing. It will improve the lives of some and destroys others. Some people are aware of how famous they are again acting as if they were just ordinary people. And the truth is only human like the rest of us. They are just richer and better known

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