Wednesday, May 25, 2011

9 Best iPhone Games Apps 2011

Many attractive games you can find as features in the iPhone 2011. From the easiest to the most challenging one. I am so sure you love and have ever played, at least one of the games. Here is the list of 9 Best iPhone Games Apps 2011. Just play the games !

  1. Angry Birds
    • Dangerously addictive but deceptively simple, Angry Birds lets you employ cartoon birds as weaponized projectiles in an escalating war against a posse of egg-stealing green pigs. (Don't ask.) Revenge relies on vectors and basic principles of physics, but the gist is to use a slingshot to angle an 'angry bird' at the smug little pigs. The real challenge? Putting your phone down once you've started.
  2. Scrabble
    • Hasbro's iPhone app version of Scrabble might be even better than Grandpa's board version. You can match wits against the computer, against online opponents, or against your friends via Facebook. Scrabble pros can have up to 50 games going at once, while newbies will appreciate the game's learning tools, including a teacher mode and a cheater option, which allows the computer to choose the highest-score word for you.
  3. Plants v. Zombies
    • The thought of a zombie attack is enough to keep any sensible person up at night. But you know what's even scarier? Watching waves of zombies trampling your nicely manicured lawn. That national (or at least gardener's) nightmare is realized in Plants vs. Zombies, a perennial best-seller. Game rules? The zombies advance, you bombard them with any number of flora, including ears of corn and frozen watermelons. That's just common sense, right?
  4. Doodle Jump
    • One of the top-grossing apps of all time, Doodle Jump remains as compelling as ever. Tilt your phone to guide the adorably-long-snouted Doodler as he climbs a piece of graph paper, all the while dodging black holes, shooting monsters, and picking up goodies. Between the game's range of colorful winter, jungle, space and graveyard themes and its lack of a finish line, Doodle Jump is tough to quit.
  5. Fruit Ninja
    • Who knew that a Ninja's worst enemy could be fruit? Apparently, Halfbrick Studio, the developer of this popular game. Just swipe your finger to cleave flying fruit in two, ideally before they hit the ground. Oh, and keep a watch out for bombs; mistakenly slice one, and it's game over. The app is integrated with OpenFeint (so you can compete with your friends), and it's an ideal app for commuters or for those stuck in a slow-moving grocery store line.
  6. Cut the Rope
    • Angry Birds dominated the App Store in 2010, but Cut the Rope — an equally addictive puzzle-like game — gave it a run for its money at the end of the year. Featuring Om Nom — a wee green creature with none of the rage of the Angry Birds but all of the aww! factor — Cut the Rope requires players to maneuver a piece of hard candy through a maze of obstacles and rope-cutting, and into the open mouth of an eager Om Nom.
  7. Pictureka
    • It's either Where's Waldo? for the iPhone generation, or hell for anyone who has ever lost their keys in a messy room. Pictureka presents gamers with a screen cluttered with objects, and a list of things they must find (think five pieces of fruit, or six objects from space). Find them all before the clock runs out and get rewarded with. . . a new list. Trust us, it's more addictive than it sounds.
  8. Wurdle
    • With Wurdle, users spot then trace words from a grid of letters, acrostic-style, to see how many words they can make in a two-, three- or five-minute period. Stuck? Shake the phone to scramble the tiles, then get back to word hunting. At game's end the app will helpfully shame you with a list of all the words you missed, and also let you compare scores with friends or with other players online.
  9. GeoDefense Swarm
    • The principle is simple: Stop the creatures by blasting them with strategically-placed cannons before they reach your base. When it comes to the gameplay itself, things can quickly — but entertainingly — spiral out of control. (Before you know it, the casualty count will include your phone battery.) GeoDefense Swarm is easy enough for a child to play, but mastering it takes a nimble mind and even nimbler fingers.

Source: TIME in partnership with CNN

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