Friday, April 15, 2011

Record Store Day: a special launching from Radiohead

There is lots of good ways to access some new music on the iPad. And how about a smartphone? Do you habe one of those? Right in the palm of your hand you can download musics, sync them up to your multi-media playlist and rock out while on the go.

But do you ever get your music from the record store? Well unless you truly don’t enjoy interacting with fellow music fans, holding some physical product in your hands and feeling the ambiance of rock and roll swirling all around you, then ditch the in-ear headphones and head to one Saturday — because it’s Record Store Day.

Do you know some top bands will celebrate the Record Store Day with launching special album for it. And Radiohead is one of them. You can check the story as written by the Telegraph.

Special vinyl releases and live shows planned on Saturday to celebrate independent record shops.

Radiohead will celebrate Record Store Day tomorrow by releasing Supercollider and The Butcher on a seven-inch vinyl single.

Two thousand copies of the two previously-unreleased songs will be made available for Record Store Day, which will take place in Britain and worldwide this weekend.

Beastie Boys, Tinie Tempah and Gorillaz are among the acts who will also release singles.

More than 1,000 stores on four continents are set to mark Record Store Day, an annual celebration of independent record stores, through events and special promotions.

Dozens of top bands will be making appearances at select record stores around the globe to sign autographs and perform sets. Billy Bragg is among the artists appearing in Britain.

Other bands set to release special editions on Record Store Day include Adele, My Morning Jacket, Big Star, The New Pornographers, Panda Bear, The Flaming Lips, Nickel Creek, Superchunk, and Phish. The Rolling Stones are also releasing a seven-inch of Brown Sugar.

Spencer Hickman, founder of Rough Trade Records and the person behind UK Independent Record Store Day believes the future looks bright for independents.

"There's lot of love out there for the old independent record shop," he says.

"People are waking up to the fact that all towns across the country are becoming identikit, and the small indie retailers are disappearing. They don't want this anymore and are finally saying 'No, enough is enough'."

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