Saturday, April 30, 2011

concert justin bieber

Young Indonesian hysteria in Concert Justin Bieber

The fans, mostly teenage Justin comes wearing purple-purple, because the singer of this Baby love the color purple. They also do not forget to bring a wide range of attributes that reads I Love You Justin Bieber.

Justin concert had just started at around 20.00 pm and before the concert was opened by the band from Indonesia that is no less inviting Gruvi hysterical fans of Justin. No fewer than 10 thousand spectators witnessed the action riveting attend Justin Bieber for the first time performing in Indonesia.

After Gruvi performed, there emerged a DJ who is ready to deliver the next stage Justin. When the count down time shown on the screen the stage finished, Justin came up with singing the song Love Me hysterical screams that greeted the mostly young women.

Having sung the song Be Girl Justin greet his fans, "how are you Indonesian? Duniku welcome. Are you happy tonight? You know I'm the coolest dancer around the world. I'm going to do any kind of make make you smile," she told the whole audience , which is not separated from the reception was hysterical teenagers Indonesia.

That night, Justin was not only good at singing but other talents such as dancing and playing musical instruments showed no hesitation to the audience.

In the song "Never Let You Go, sweetheart Selena Gomez, this, brought it acoustically. He also showed skill in playing guitar. Three songs were brought to perfection through his guitar game.

Do not stop there Justib also showed another talent that is playing a drum solo. You can see obvious skill in the drum beat and the action is once again making the audience hysterical teenagers.

Throughout the concert, the Beliebers who mingled with their parents would not stop singing along with Justin. This fenomel teenage singer appeared very friendly, he once greeted diligent little children who cried in front of the stage.

In the encore, he asked the fans for top of my voice screaming for Justin to return to the stage.

"What's right, you want me to sing one more song? In fact, I've wanted to go home, but really you want me to sing again? What song do you want?" Ask Justin.

The entire audience immediately responded with a compact "Baby ..", but Justin had joked by singing the song Baby One More Time Britney Spears-owned, direct the audience laughed, then he tried to sing another Baby. And finally the single Baby rebound from his mouth.

Baby is a perfect closing concert of this Canadian singer in Indonesia. The audience seemed satisfied with the concert that took place at that time. Justin displays a complete entertainment package and almost no visible deficiencies.

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