Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coz My Boobs Are So Big: Kristen Schaal on the Xperia Play Smartphone Adverts

Smartphone is following what Volkswagon did in January, hired the "SNL" gem Bill Hader to star in spots for the Touareg (a series of hilarious and quite unconventional minisodes). And now, Smartphone is producing a quintet of commercials starring PopWrap's beloved Kristen Schaal and the results are equally amazing.

In the ads named "Pwnage," the Sony Xperia Play, Kristen appeals to gamers, business-minded men, large breasted women and anyone with an evil twin. Kristen Schaal, an American actress, writer and comedian, a contributor on The Daily Show and is famous for her role as Mel in the HBO series Flight of the Conchords and Louise in Bob's Burgers.

The promotional clip has her demoing a game on an Xperia Play, the latest Sony Ericsson-branded, Android-toting smartphone.

Here's what Kristen said in the ads: “The controls are faster, I can actually see the bastard. She's right there and she has low self-esteem. Before she takes notice, I'm stabbing her in the boob. Do you feel that boob stabbed? I can feel it either "coz my boobs are so big."

Kristen Schaal's Xperia Play Smartphone Adverts:

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